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Road Traffic Act 1961. An Act to consolidate and amend certain enactments relating to road traffic; and for other purposes. Contents. Part 1—Preliminary. 1 Short title. 2 Crown is bound. 5 Interpretation. 5A Application of Act to vehicles and road users on roads. 6 Drivers and riders. Road Traffic Act 1961—22.2.2018 to 7.3.2018 Contents 4 Published under the Legislation Revision and Publication Act 2002 47EB Concentration of alcohol in breath taken to indicate concentration of alcohol in blood. 47F Schedule 1 further regulates oral fluid and blood sample processes.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title PART 1--Preliminary 1. Short title 2. Crown is bound 5. Interpretation 5A. Application of Act to vehicles and road users on roads 6. Drivers and riders 6A. Roads and road-related areas 7. Drivers of trailers 8. References to Australian Road. ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 - SECT 79B 79B—Provisions applying where certain offences are detected by photographic detection devices 1 In this section— "average speed camera location" has the same meaning as in section 175A. This Revised Act is an administrative consolidation of the Road Traffic Act 1961. It is prepared by the Law Reform Commission in accordance with its function under the Law Reform Commission Act 1975 3/1975 to keep the law under review and to undertake revision and consolidation of. Road Traffic Act 1961 Responsible Minister. Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government: Gazette 22.3.2018 p1256. Minister for Transport and Infrastructure: Gazette 21.10.2011 p4289. Transport: Gazette 5.3.2002 p1141. This legislation is affected by amending provisions that have not yet come into operation or taken effect. a for the purposes of the Road Traffic Acts 1961 to 2010, if it is disabled through collision, as continuing to be a mechanically propelled vehicle, and b for all other purposes of this Act as not being a mechanically propelled vehicle.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 - SECT 168 168—Power of court to make orders relating to licences or registration 1 A court that convicts a person of— a an offence against this Act. 106.— 1 Where injury is caused to person or property in a public place and a vehicle is involved in the occurrence of the injury whether the use of the vehicle was or was not the cause of the injury, the following provisions shall have effect. Previous affecting provision: “this Act” substituted for all instances of “the Road Traffic Acts, 1961 to 1994” by Road Traffic Act 2002 12/2002, s. 251, not commenced; section substituted as per F. 7 Amendment of section 82 of Road Traffic Act, 1961; 8 Conferral of certain powers under Road Traffic Act 1961 on Commissioner of Garda Síochána; 9 Amendment of Part VIII of Road Traffic Act, 1961; 10 Miscellaneous Amendments of Road Traffic Act, 1961; 11 Amendment of Local Government Roads And Motorways Act, 1974.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 - SECT 47BA 47BA—Driving with prescribed drug in oral fluid or blood 1 A person must not— a drive a motor vehicle; or b attempt to put a motor vehicle in motion, while a prescribed drug is present in the person's oral fluid or blood. Penalty. ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 - SECT 47EAA 47EAA—Police may require drug screening test, oral fluid analysis and blood test 1 Subject to this Act, if a person has submitted to an alcotest or breath analysis as a result of a requirement under section 47E, a police. ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 - SECT 176 176—Regulations and rules 1 The Governor may make such regulations and rules as are contemplated by, or necessary or expedient for the purposes of, this Act. Road Traffic Act, 1961 No. 24 Consolidation Status: Updated to reflect all known changes. Proposal incorporated. Text with proposed changes from Road Traffic Regulation of Rickshaws Amendment Bill 2018; Text with proposed changes from Road Traffic All Terrain Vehicle and Scrambler Motor-cycle Amendment Bill 2019.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 - SECT 175 175—Evidence 1 In proceedings for an offence against this Act, an allegation in a complaint that— a a specified place was a road or road-related area, or a specified kind or portion of road or road-related area; or. Road Traffic Act, 1961 Act 24 of 1961 Road Traffic Bill, 1960 Bill 50 of 1960. 22/02/2018 · About 1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation. Road traffic offences are those which are connected with the ownership, driving or control of mechanically-propelled vehicles in public places, including drunken, dangerous and careless driving. ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1961 - SECT 40V 40V—Direction to give name and other personal details 1 In this section— "personal details", in relation to a person, means—.

Road Traffic Act CHAPTER 276 Original Enactment: Ordinance 26 of 1961 REVISED EDITION 2004 31st December 2004 An Act for the regulation of road traffic and the use of vehicles and the user of roads and for other purposes connected therewith. [4/2006 wef 27/02/2006]. You can copy and paste the embed code into a CMS or blog software that supports raw HTML. Driving Whilst Unfit – Section 48 of the Road Traffic Act 1961; Obligation to be Insured or Guaranteed –Section 56 of the Road Traffic Act 1961; Careless Driving – Section 52 of the Road Traffic Act 1961; Breach of Duties at the Scene of an Accident –Section 106 of the Road Traffic Act 1961.

Road Traffic Act 1961, I hereby exempt rigid truck and dog trailer combinations from the following provision of the Road Traffic Mass and Loading Requirements Regulations 1999: i Schedule 1, Part 14 – Mass limits for combinations. 4.2 Subject to the conditions and limitations specified in this Notice. Subsection 8 of section forty-six of the Road Traffic Act,. 19. The repeal by this Act of section one hundred and. TWENTIETH SCHEDULE. Special Provisions as to Coming into Operation of certain Provisions of this Act. Part I Relevant Provisions. 1. The provisions of this Act referred to in. Road Traffic Act 1961, I hereby exempt rigid truck and dog trailer combinations up to an overall length not exceeding 23 metres from the following provision of the. 4.1.1. Road Traffic Mass and Loading Requirements Regulations 1999: i Schedule 1, Part 1, Regulation 4 1.

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